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Just beats a takeaway.....

Lovely to see so many new faces joining us, so much positive feedback already, I am loving sharing all the photos proudly sent in each Friday !

My favourite recipe this month?   hmm a very close call between the Red Pesto Chorizo Pasta and the Kung Pao Chicken.  I adore the freshness of the homemade pesto but the Kung Pao just beats a takeaway.  It is cheaper, fresher and you know exactly what is in it!  I am a savoury toothed person but from the amount of pictures sent in I think the sweet winner would have been the Domino Biscuits!

I have two highlights this month and both of them make me beam from ear to ear.  Pizza week with the Juniors was filled with productive kitchens, not only were the kids making pizzas but the whole family !  I was so so happy to just see families coming together having fun making their own dinner !  There was very happy faces looking back at me on screen.

My second highlight was an Xmas gift.  Two 1:1 sessions with a husband and his father.  The wives thought this would be a useful gift and the gentlemen embraced the idea and cooked some amazing meals.  We batch cooked for one session and made a delicious homemade pie making the pastry.  Not only did the guys have fun, but their confidence soared and totally impressed the ladies with their work.  What a fantastic present !  But for me it was the looks on their faces, proud moments of ‘I am having fun, I am going to cook more often’.

Looking forward to February, some nice winter warming dishes to get us through this cold spell, but looking forward to the Spring.

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