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Cookery Classes Online

Online cooking classes for all ages and abilities.

At AlphaBake our aim is simple; to build confidence while achieving life changing results in the kitchen.
No matter what your ability is in the kitchen, you will discover a love of cooking that will last you for life..

SEND cooking classes for confidence and skills

Our award winning, step-by-step approach is designed specifically to do away with all the complicated bits of cooking, meaning we can deliver really enjoyable and successful workshops to a whole range of different people.
This could be via a specially designed group, 1:1 or built into your EOTAS package.
We specialise in this field with years of experience, finding the right approach to each individual.
Providers for Hertfordshire, Essex, Suffolk and Luton – many more being added.

Junior & Senior After School

Term time online cooking classes for all ages and abilities


We have vast experience of working with children and adults of all abilities


Gain confidence and skills with tailored online cookery classes

Duke of Edinburgh

Why not complete your skill section learning valuable life skills ?

Whether you want to...

Help children develop a love of cooking and gain in confidence

Support adults and children with Special Educational Needs and Disabilities to gain skills and confidence

Gain skills and confidence as an adult in the kitchen

Get credits towards a qualification by learning a new skill

Plan a fun and different activity to share with friends or family

Offer your organisation an enriching activity

Family online cookery classes in Essex
Adult cookery parties online in Essex
Online cooking classes in Herts

“Thank you very much for todays cooking lesson! William thoroughly enjoyed baking Millionaire Shortbread! It tastes delicious and he can’t wait for cookies later in the week!”

“Cannot thank you enough Carole, your classes have helped Lucas so much in the kitchen and exploring new foods”

“What an absolute treat tonight’s meal was!”

“Just so you know cheesy spinach bacon pasta is a firm favourite in our house now!”

“I just wanted to let you know that Saxon did food tech for the first time at school today and made biscuits. I got a call from his teacher later to say how well he'd done in class, how he followed instructions, cleared up and made perfect biscuits. She asked him if he baked at home and he told her he did the online cookery classes with you and she said it showed in his baking. So big thank you to you for your classes and teaching both my two how to cook 😊 ”

“You’ve really inspired Theo to accomplish great things and to feel good about himself. It’s been a lovely change from us seeing Theo torturing himself with self-critical talk; being so crippled by feelings of self-doubt that he’s then completely paralysed. He’s even talking about an autistic cooking YouTube channel! In case no one has told you recently, we think you’re great. We appreciate what you do and wanted you to know that in a short space of time, you’ve made a huge difference in Theo’s life. ”

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We run many different programmes for all ages and abilities. Each programme is tailored to the needs of the project.

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