Are you taking part in the Duke of Edinburgh, Bronze, Silver or Gold ?

Why not complete your skill section learning valuable life skills ? Yes I am biased, of course I am, but learning to cook using fresh ingredients is a LIFE skill. It’s something that you will be able to have with you on your own life journey wherever that may take you.

A skill that's good for everybody

We all love to eat !  I certainly do !  However fresh is certainly best, best flavours, best nutrition and you know exactly what you are eating!  Have you looked at a ready meal?  I mean have you actually looked at the ingredients ?  There will be many ingredients that you have probably not even heard of, plus look at the percentage of ‘actual’ food eg. meat, veg etc.  Look at the sugar content….  Surprised, yep even in the ‘healthiest’ ready meals and don’t even get me started on take-aways !

Another question to ask yourself.. why does the food always have such a long shelf life ?  Look at those ingredients again !  That is why….

And it's fun too

cooking classes for Duke of Edinburgh skills sectionSo… now I have convinced you to want to learn to cook from scratch because it makes sense from a health perspective my next job is to convince you that you may  actually also enjoy it!

I love my time in the kitchen.  Shut the door, radio on and let the creativity begin.  Sounds rubbish ?  Well a few classes in and you will change your mind.

Cooking should be enjoyed.   It is so rewarding to place a tasty dinner that you have created on the table, whether for yourself, friends or family. Everyone finishing their plates and asking for more, not because they are still hungry but because it is so delicious!

I have the most rewarding job in the world (well apart from saving lives), I am rewarded constantly with people saying how much they enjoyed their fresh food. I’m also rewarded by knowing they now have skills which will stand them in good stead forever – cooking from scratch is not only fun it is cost effective too.

And (sshh!) is NOT difficult

I am sure everybody is now familiar with Zoom 💻.  Pre-covid I didn’t have a clue, however I am now an expert !!

Zoom is fantastic for our classes.  You do not even need to leave the house, you can use your own equipment, change ingredients if you have dietary requirements or just prefer different tastes, but the best bit, it is ready to eat as soon as you press the ‘leave meeting’ button !

cooking classes for Duke of Edinburgh skills sectionWhat do you cook ?  Well at the beginning of each half term I send you a schedule, just to get you excited !  Then each week I send you a recipe showing what ingredients you need and what skills we are covering.  You need to shop for the amount of people you wish to feed.  Go on, give the usual chef a night off 😊 and cook for the family !  Being a week before the class you also have time to ask any questions that may arise.

Don’t panic if you lack kitchen skills, that is why you are here!  Nothing is difficult.  Everything is broken down to give you a stress free experience.  I work with you step by step so you can visually see what it should look like.  If you are unsure you can just ask.  I love an interactive group but if you would rather be in the background it is not a problem at all.

Worried that you cannot do the same night each week ?  Don’t worry, these classes are repeated 3 times a week, so you can swap about where you need to.


cooking classes for Duke of Edinburgh skills sectionNow this is DofE, you guys are all old enough to also learn a little about hygiene and storing food.  Yes you will be expected to tidy up as you go and leave the kitchen as you found it, some of you do struggle with this area but believe me it is also a huge part of staying healthy. 

So I will be reminding you as we go (did I hear a groan ?😂).

But mostly, as well as gaining your skill section, eating yummy fresh dishes each week you will be having FUN, building confidence and becoming the popular one in the house !

So just contact me using the button below and we can get your Skill Section sorted, Carole