Batch Cooking

What with the cost of living rising, busy life styles and cooking for one, our Batch Cooking ticks every box!!!

online after chool cookery classes
Batch online cookery classes

During the day we will cook various dishes for you to batch freeze from fresh, to defrost at your leisure making healthy cooking on a budget work for your busy timescale.

In the morning...

We will be working with mince. Typically most of these recipes work best with beef mince but you can swap to pork, turkey, chicken or quorn.  From this we will be turning our mince into lasagne, cottage pies, chilli and bolognaise.

In the afternoon...

We will be stripping a chicken. This is the cheapest way of using fresh chicken and most of us are guilty of buying and using only the expensive breast meat, you will be amazed how much meat we will get from a whole large chicken. Enough to make at least another dozen meals!  Yep, we will be making lemon chicken tagliatelle, chicken pies and chicken enchiladas.

The classes are relaxed and fun, perfect for beginners or those that just do not cook from scratch enough.

By the end of the session you would have minimum of 20 dishes to freeze, all you need to do is label and date each one and remember to take out from the freezer each day.

As a student myself (we will not go back how many years ago) this is exactly how I worked, when I looked for something that wasn’t there I knew I needed to batch cook again.

You will save yourself time, money and eat a lot more wisely with delicious food.

2023 Classes


10am – 12pm AND 1pm – 3pm - only £25
Cost is per screen (invite friends and family to join in!)

Need to do both sessions to give a good start in Uni or to fill up the freezer !