School cookery workshops in Essex
Alphabake cookery online courses in Essex
Online family cooking classes in Essex
I have more than one child that wants to cook?

Fantastic, the more the merrier, there is no extra cost the price is per screen. They can still work individually or together, it is up to you.

How do I know they will enjoy online, we have never done this before?

Ask us for a free trial for one of our after school classes, if you enjoy the class you are welcome to stay for the rest of term. If not there is no commitment to stay.

My son is taking his GCSE and needs specific support, how can you help?

Our after school classes for secondary children supports all this plus Duke of Edinburgh. If you need a specific recipe or help with theory we can do this via a private session just for you.

We do not have zoom?

Do not need it, once I send you the link it will open up on your device free of charge.

Do you do private sessions?

We run private or group sessions tailored to suit you.  Great to have a bit of fun with the family or friends without leaving the house.

My son wants to learn to cook but does not like a group setting, how do I overcome this?

Easy, either join us without the video on or just on his hands so I can see where you are at; or we can arrange a private 1  to 1 session or, we can look to find a  group where he feels comfortable.

I am diary intolerant so will not be able to do this?

Yes you can, I will send you the ingredient list the week before, we can then discuss any substitutes.

How do I know what to buy or what to do before each class?

The week before you will receive a recipe listing everything you need.  You are given options to change things such as ingredients or quantity.  Anything that needs to be done prior to lesson will be explained on the email.

Do I need to support my child in the classes?

As long as they have everything required they should be able to follow independently. However any child under 12 will need guidance with any hob work (no hob work for primary classes).

What happens if I cannot make a class during term time?

That’s no problem, there is more than one class each week so we can offer an alternative date

Do you teach adults?

Yes we teach all ages and abilities. Adults can join in the secondary classes and Saturday Night Dinners,  and can book lessons privately or with a group of friends/family.