Learning through cooking

school cookery workshops in Essex

There are loads of great reasons why it’s important for children to learn to cook from an early age. By getting hands-on, trying, tasting and creating, they learn a fantastic range of important life skills.

Through our fun foody workshops, we teach important lessons about nutrition, encourage children to be adventurous with food, and give them the practical skills they need to plan, buy and prepare a healthy meal.

School cookery classes online in Essex


We work closely with schools to provide cookery classes that support the curriculum for Key Stages 1 – 4.

Workshops can be tailored to fit current class topics or other related learning. For example, learning about other countries and world foods, using fresh ingredients from the school allotment (if you have access to one) or making pies with blackberries collected on a Forest School ramble.

AlphaBake workshops are also accredited as part of the Children’s University Programme, where students can gain points towards their ‘degree’.

Workshops run in your school hall or a classroom and can be delivered as a one-off session, or on a weekly/termly basis. Our core schools programme is 6 weeks long and covers all basic skills, rewarding children with a certificate on completion.


Introducing young children to new textures and flavours at an early age is a really good way of building their confidence and knowledge. We also believe that the earlier children learn basic cooking skills, the better! It is never to soon to encourage a budding young chef or allow children to start helping in the kitchen.

We offer a 6 week cooking programme, designed specifically for pre-schoolers (aged 2+, with an adult helper). We cover a whole host of different skills and ingredients and, importantly, encourage children to get really hands-on with their mixing, mashing and tasting.

This is the perfect starter programme for use in pre-schools, toddler groups, children’s centres or childminder groups. After every session, children go home with their tasty masterpiece, along with a recipe sheet so they can make again with parents or carers at home.

School cookery classes online in Herts