online after school cookery classes

If you had asked me 3 years ago to move the classes online I would have argued heavily that it wouldn’t work !

How wrong was I ??  Online has been the best thing ever !!

With small classes I am able to focus more than in the classroom, I can actually see more without having my back on anybody.

But what is so good about online is that it can be tailored just for you !  You can make enough to feed the family, whether that is 2 or 10 !

Not only that but you can also adapt the recipes to suit your tastes, leave out ingredients you are not so fond of but also add in what you do like.

No worries of getting the food home, you can serve straightaway while hot.

Confidence in your own kitchen, you know your way around your own familiar surroundings, making it easier to repeat again.

In fact I am struggling to find a negative to say about on-line cooking.

By offering group or 1:1 sessions it works for everybody