Carole Rose alphabake online cookery courses

I absolutely love my job!

Which is why some comment that I give off such infectious enthusiasm when it comes to cooking.

Whilst it is true that I adore cooking with fresh ingredients and creating delicious meals, my true joy lies in sharing that passion so that others feel the same way.

Just imagine getting as excited about crafting culinary masterpieces in your own kitchen!  Even better – discovering hidden talent and building the confidence to experiment.  (Did you know that some of the world’s most iconic dishes were born from happy accidents? Jelly Tots and Frozen Margaritas were both created from errors, although to be clear I’m (not saying Jelly Tots is an amazing dish 😉)

But the real magic happens after my classes. I receive glowing emails like this
Hi Carole, I just wanted to let you know that xxxxx did food tech for the first time at school today and made biscuits. I got a call from his teacher later to say how well he’d done in class, how he followed instructions, cleared up and made perfect biscuits. She asked him if he baked at home and he told her he did the online cookery classes with you and she said it showed in his baking. So big thank you to you for your classes and teaching both my two how to cook 😊 Samxx”

Others talk about how easy the recipes were, how surprised everyone was by their newfound skills, and the excitement of cooking delicious meals without the stress. Families bond over dinnertime, some even joining in the fun and others requesting their favourite dishes! And the best part? All this while unconsciously acquiring valuable life skills.

Sure, I might be a bit of a stickler for cleaning up as you go (hey, it forms good habits!), but the true value lies in the skills you pick up along the way. From mastering knife skills to reducing fat and salt while maximizing flavour, you’ll not only impress friends and family, but also  have tastier, healthier food and save money by being able to bypass those processed foods.

Now you understand why those emails make my day!

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