Special educational needs cooking classes in Essex

2023 – wow that means that we have now been established for 20 years !!!

Totally love what I do, every day is so different but one thing is always the same – the smiling faces at the end of the lesson of the pride of what they have made.

You couldn’t buy that, there is no price

I am so proud of the students, all ages and abilities, that start with low self esteem, unsure of themselves and what to do, to then over a short period of time to make their own decision, choices with confidence and beaming smiles when others have praised their delights.

Over the 20 years I have seen students flourish confidently, some have made a career out of what they have learnt.  Some left for Uni as confident cooks, some have gone to Westminster Catering College where a lot of our chefs we know today have trained.  I have even seen one of my students compete internationally as one of the best and more than one have appeared on TV !

What I do brings me so much pleasure and I couldn’t do it without you.