online after chool cookery classes

Learning to cook is for the whole family

February has been another great month, I am so enjoying the amount of adults joining the Senior classes to learn how to make different weekly meals for the family.

I am a huge fan of savoury tasty dinners, I am really loving the compliments of just trying new things.  Foods that you may not of cooked before, whether because you thought they were too challenging or not something you had tried.  But by  breaking it all down, everything is just so simple, uncomplicated recipes and ingredients, so trying those new foods is just so exciting !!!!

My favourite this month has to be the Pad Thai for the Senior class.  So so simple but with lots of good flavours.  Juniors has to be one of my old favourites, Lemon Chicken Tagliatelle.  My boys have grown up with that one and still a firm favourite here.  As for sweet, well probably the Honey Cake.  However, nothing seems to go to waste !

Really wanting the winter to move on by and bring on Spring.  So looking forward to packing a picnic and exploring some of the countryside.  Next term does include some picnic dishes so fingers crossed !

But then saying that, I also love the slow cooker so while the white stuff keeps appearing, lets warm ourselves up with some winter warming dishes.  March does bring another favourite in the slow cooker…. Beef Bourguignon

lemon tagliatelle