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How Cooking helps Children Improve Their Mathematical Skills

In class, I frequently ask ‘Who likes maths?’ and I am met with moans and groans.

Why moan and groan I usually reply, we can have fun with this!

Making it simple results in interaction, show me a child that doesn’t want to get it right or try, if they are giving that impression they are probably just worried about failure.

With younger children, when we weigh I give a few tips ‘we need 100 grammes, so that is approximately 4 tablespoons’. This gives them a starting point.

Tell them what numbers they need to look for, break it down. ‘We need three numbers on the scales, one, zero, zero. Add the flour until you get three numbers, then is the first one a ‘1’?.

The children love this, as the scales are so sensitive I am always happy with 99 or 101 but the children always WANT 100, that is what they have been asked to find.

So adding and subtracting is now FUN!

Don’t forget dividing! When we make biscuits or similar we start with our whole ball of cookie dough and divide it up, counting as a group all the way. They have to be even in size and divided to the correct amount to cook evenly. When the steps are broken down for them and they can see visually how to divide something, this too becomes simple for them.

So when I ask ‘Who likes maths?’ the ones that moan and groan are new to us, the ones that shout ‘I do’ are ones that love cooking with us.

Maths becomes a lot simpler when cooking, as cooking is definitely FUN!

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