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This is a question I get asked regularly, why cook with the kids? They make a mess, they don’t tidy up, they put their sticky fingers EVERYWHERE!

Well, guilty, I sometimes think that myself but what I can say is that the rewards actually outweigh all of that.

My early memories of cooking were in my Nan’s kitchen, I am sure she also stood there and contemplated whether it was really worth the hassle and it would be so much easier to just do it herself, but I am so grateful for those memories now. Yep, I got flour everywhere, well she lived in Cornwall so everything was PASTRY! We made pasties, pies, tarts, massive cakes and I loved every minute. Healthy eating hadn’t hit any of the UK yet but forget those sugary foods, I had FUN!

Ok, so it was all fun sugary treats, but what my Nan had given me was that passion for the kitchen, the sense of achievement in watching people enjoy something I had created. I was given life skills that I have taken forward with me and ok, now I have switched the sugar to healthier recipes but I still have that passion for the kitchen.

We both didn’t know then that I would actually take this passion to running my own business doing the same with other children, but I am sure my Nan is both very proud and probably shouting down what I am doing wrong!

So do take the time to spend in the kitchen with your little ones, use simple recipes like ours, keeping measurements to a minimum with few instructions. You will be surprised how quickly they pick it up, the fun they will have and the mess becomes less of an issue.

Then they will tell their kids what I am telling you now x

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