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Move away from the microwave!

At AlphaBake we’re passionate about bringing families together over a delicious dinner or tasty treat. We think it’s crazy that some young adults get to university without the basic skills or knowledge to cook themselves or their friends a healthy meal.

We also don’t like the way that pre-prepared, convenience foods are literally eating away at good old-fashioned cooking skills, as we rely more and more on our microwaves and struggle to find the time (or the inclination!) for proper food prep.

So, we’d like to change all that.

Adult Evening Classes

We run evening workshops for teenagers and adults, offering the chance to brush up on some culinary basics, gain confidence in the kitchen and cook up some delicious dishes to share with friends or family.

Workshops are particularly good for supporting students who are doing GCSE or Duke of Edinburgh courses, as well as young adults heading off to university. But, we welcome any adult who just wants to discover (or rediscover!) a love of cooking.

Classes are relaxed, with from 6 - 16 people working together.

Adult Evening Classes
Private Workshops

Private Workshops

If the timing of our evening workshops doesn’t suit you, we can also offer private sessions, with menus tailored specifically for you. These sessions can be taught on an individual basis, or as a group if you have friends that would also like to attend. We have even helped a group of friends to create the dishes for a dinner party, which we then left them to enjoy.

Get in touch with the team at your nearest AlphaBake location to discuss further >